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    This is for dōTERRA Sharers and Builders of Our Team Only. You must be enrolled with someone on our team to view this group. There are only 20+ posts here that do not change. Please visit this group before asking questions. Here's a great link to doterra lingo to get you warmed up! https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/building-doterra-business-lingo  1. Upgrade to Wellness Advocate & Free Website2. Doterra Business or Hobby?3. Want Commission AND Free oils - 125 PV Monthly4. Simple Sharing Tips & Compliance plus Trifold, 60 Second enroll, FAQ5. 60 Second Enrollment Script6. What are all of the facebook groups for?7. How to launch your business...beyond sharing8. How to create a facebook event9. Make & Take Teaching Tips10. I enrolled someone...now what?11. The fortune is in the followup - goodie bags12. How to keep your members excited, engaged & duplicatable13. How to move someone in 14 days14. How to structure for rank15. Structuring Advanced16. PO3 - Power of 3 Bonus & Compensation17. Team Business Trainings & Mentoring & Upline Info Business Calls weekly via zoom.us meeting id xxx-xxx-xxxx18. Vendor Events & Followup19. My friend enrolled in dōTERRA under someone else...now what? How does someone find their uplines?20. Income Taxes21. Enrollment & Transfer Forms Thank you so much for helping your friends and family begin their journey to wellness with Doterra!Sincerely,NAMETITLE

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